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Soaring In Sobriety Podcast: Quit Drinking, Begin Recovery | Stop Drugs | Become A Business Success

Oct 13, 2017

Who is Sean Mulroney?

Sean is from St Louis, Missouri and is one of the heaviest men in the world!  At his heaviest, Sean weighed 680 pounds but not now, no!

Having piled on weight all throughout his twenties, Sean was battling alcoholism and drug addiction throughout many years of his young life as well, but the food was about to present the biggest challenge.  Every day at lunch it was Supersize Big Mac meals followed by a vast Mexican or fried chicken dinner - all washed down with two liters of sugary soda.

At the peak of his unhealthy lifestyle, Sean was so heavy he could barely walk, and was constantly at risk of contracting heart disease and diabetes.

In December, Sean decided that he had enough! Enough was enough and Sean vowed to lose at least two thirds of his body weight so he could be more active for his beautiful children.

He has three daughters, and the weight he has already lost is around the same as all of them combined.

We are proud to call Sean a friend of the Soaring In Sobriety recovery podcast and his story will inspire you!