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Soaring In Sobriety Podcast: Quit Drinking, Begin Recovery | Stop Drugs | Become A Business Success

Mar 25, 2018

You are on a journey that is also about lifestyle changes.  Like exercise, it takes commitment and tenacity to win!  We are not victims once we are clean.  We are choosers.  Here Are Snippets From My Guide, "Top 10 Tips To Staying Sober"

In this part 2 episode I examine:

Goal setting

Understanding what it takes to...

Mar 13, 2018

Joseph's journey took him from the streets of Albuquerque to jail and back.  Having started young with drugs and living the gang life propelled Joseph into a life he never dreamed he would live.  This is a story of a good childhood that morphed into a depression, drugs, anger, rage, and all the way back to freedom. ...

Mar 8, 2018

Getting sober is a victory we humbly celebrate one-day-at-a-time and day-by-day we piece together a life we only once dreamed of.  Sometimes though something still seems to be missing as we struggle financially to reach new heights that seem to just be out of reach.  Success is not a destination but a duty to ourselves...

Mar 6, 2018

Get your morning or end your day with a positive mindset with BK Shivani  - For more information Youtube search "BK Shivani English" 

Nick went from solidly in the drug/alcohol scene and moved to a life in AA, fitness, grind, grit, and moving on to help others in recovery.  Nick loves music, dogs, his girlfriend and...