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Soaring In Sobriety Podcast: Quit Drinking, Begin Recovery | Stop Drugs | Become A Business Success

May 29, 2018

Today…I have the Pleasure of introducing you to one very special lady. This woman is an accomplished and independent woman who knows struggle, hard-work, success, and the joy of motherhood. Growing up on the Navajo reservation she has a special perspective on everything Native American. She earned a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science and has worked at esteemed organizations such as, Stanford Hospital, Dauther’s of Charity Hospital System, a multi-unit hospital system where she was responsible for numerous departments that related to complex coding systems. In 2015 she transitioned out of healthcare and started up a real estate company with her husband earning her real estate license as well. She loves sports, cooking, gardening, her kids, grandkids, and of course her 3 furry doggies. Who is this special lady? Give a listen.