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Soaring In Sobriety Podcast: Quit Drinking, Begin Recovery | Stop Drugs | Become A Business Success

May 22, 2018

Robert Gilbert had it all going for him until he allowed Crystal Meth to enter his life.  He came from a good family being raised by a single Mother who worked hard to make ends meet.  Trying weed for the first time was not enough and then his high-school sweetheart turned him on to Meth, and his addiction monster was released.  Crime sprees to feed his habit, lockup, and all the while being a young parent was not enough to stop him.  It wasn't until he faced decades behind bars that he decided to turn his life around.  Now, with 5 years sobriety and a beautiful young family he is well on his way towards a productive life for himself.   Come with us and we journey into the life of Robert Gilbert and his transformation.